A day in Delft - pt 3

by - Saturday, June 25, 2016


On my last post about Delft, I'm bring you along to the Botanic Garden of Delft.
A nice little garden with cute flowers, where you can just hang out for as long as you like or even have a picnic if the weather allows you.
The Botanic is within walking distance from the city center but you do have to pay a small fee to get in (I believe less than 5Eur/person).

So, sit back and enjoy the picture overload! ;-)
The bird section
I had never seen such pine tree
The Duck family
All pictures with Sony a5100 w/ kit lens.

So, I hope you have enjoyed Delft as much as I did. Totally recommend visiting this city if you are planning to come to the Netherlands.
After all, there's much more to see in this little country then just the Red Light District or the Anne Frank House (with all the respect, of course).

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