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Friday, January 06, 2017


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Today I'm here with an extra post to ask you: are we already connected?? 

As I am trying my best to keep up with blogging, bringing up new and interesting content, I would be really glad to get in touch with you, reader, and hear your feedback. Just a "Hello" is also fine! 😉

How we can stay in touch/connected?

- via Email:
Did you know you can receive on your email my latest post? yeah! directly on your inbox; for that, just type your email address on the subscription box and click "Sign Up" button. 
This box can be found on the footer bar.
Subscribe by Email on Footer bar
- via Google Friends:
Press the button "Follow" and receive on your Blog dashboard my most recent post and stay up to date with the stories of this Diary.
This can be found on the side bar.
Google Friends on Side bar

- via Bloglovin':
In case you prefer this network, then please, follow the blog over there, by either typing in your email address and click "Follow" button or by selecting the Bloglovin icon.
Bloglovin on Footer bar
Bloglovin on Side bar

Upper, side and footer bar are the places to find it.

- other social media networks:
These you can find on upper, side and footer bars. I am mostly active on Instagram &Twitter but also on Pinterest, where youc an find things that inspire me in several areas.
This blog still doesn't have a Facebook page, but maybe in the future. 😉

Social Media Footer Icons

You can choose multiple options if you will. 👍 

Shall we stay connected? 
Hope to see you around!

Next post: January 7th at 9am CET.

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  1. Replies
    1. Ah optimo! Verifica se o email nao vai parar a caixa de spam. MAs se deres permissao, depois vai sempre para a inbox. ;)

  2. Por acaso não foi, estava na caixa de entrada.XD Já ativei a subscrição;)